• Important dates

  • June 27-30. 2016 The "International Workshop Mathematical Imaging and Emerging Modalities" takes place at the University of Osnabrück
  • May 31. 2016 Notification of acceptance
  • May 27. 2016 Deadline for registration
  • January 31. 2016 The registration is open

  • The goal of this workshop

    In the last decade the research on new imaging modalities for clinical analysis, medical intervention and in materials science has shown an outstanding development. Closely linked to technical enhancement of the imaging devices, there has been a major progress in the development of sophisticated mathematical methods for these imaging modalities. Such methods are used for the analysis and the modelling of the imaging modalities as well as for the reconstruction and the processing of the corresponding images.

    The goal of this interdisciplinary workshop is to bring together experts from mathematical imaging as well as practitioners to discuss about recent developments and the emerging mathematical problems in this field. Topics of this workshop include the modeling and the mathematical analysis of imaging modalities, efficient numerical algorithms for simulation and reconstruction as well as image processing steps like segmentation, sparse representation, registration and compression of images.

    Special attention in this workshop will be given to the imaging modalities Magnetic Particle Imaging and Fluorescence Microscopy.

    Main speakers

    Kristian Bredies Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz
    Carlos Fernandez-Granda New York University
    Per Christian Hansen Technical University of Denmark
    Rainer Heintzmann Universität Jena
    Tobias Knopp UKE Hamburg
    Veniamin Morgenshtern Stanford University

    Date and venue

    June 27. - June 30. 2016
    Universität Osnabrück

    We are looking forward to seeing you in Osnabrück,
    The organizers, Christina Brandt, Wolfgang Erb, Stefan Kunis, Andreas Weinmann

    © Photography courtesy of Universität Osnabrück / Manfred Pollert